EV Charging
AMP drives success with its development and deployment of comprehensive, technologically advanced charging networks to support the growing demand for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. AMP develops cost-effective, efficient solutions for municipalities, retail centers, office complexes, and multifamily residential complexes. AMP develops and deploys customer-friendly charging networks to help support EV adoption by reducing range anxiety.
Our EV Charging Station Networks are designed to increase efficiency and provide optimized charging coverage for both indoor and outdoor locations. AMP’s experienced team helps to reduce CAPEX and OPEX while enabling customers to recognize revenue more quickly.

AMP’s history in telecommunication technology assures your project will be managed by a team of seasoned experts who will instill confidence and security from start to finish. Program management & site development services include:
  • Site Survey/ Selection
  • Initial design and layout
  • Pre-Construction survey
  • Final design
  • Permits and approvals
  • Landscape design
Power and connectivity are significantly critical, yet often overlooked. AMP knows this and is here to ensure that infrastructure is network-connected powered live for active use. Rest assured our teams are prepared to execute and deliver projects seamlessly and without delay or service interruption. AMP’s team of professionals are onsite during planning and installation to oversee equipment verification, system acceptance, optimization, and utility integration.
Our team of professionals possesses 20+ years of highly diversified construction management experience and are there with a strong core of licensed electricians and certified crews leading the deployment, buildout, and installation of all phases of smart telecommunications and EV Infrastructure.

We build and support all the technology that powers the EV Charging station from the hardware to the energy management software.