AMP is proficient in the design and development of all aspects of telecommunications infrastructure. With a history of success, AMP’s team excels in delivering projects on time and within budget. Our comprehensive network infrastructure experience in providing end-to-end turnkey solutions is leading edge, with a strong understanding of current and future needs.

Collaboration is key as AMP continually partners with clients in all aspects of telecom infrastructure from planning through completion as well as future-looking maintenance. Services include:
Project Management
Wireless solutions
Fiber/Copper Solutions
AMP is at the forefront of all phases of wireless infrastructure. Since the Company’s inception it has been a leading provider of large-scale and mid-scale buildouts for network coverage as well as upgrades to existing networks as they grow to accommodate rapid subscriber growth. AMP is known for its efficiency and expertise in delivering quality wireless solutions within consolidated timelines. AMP’s Expertise includes:
  • Small Cell Solutions
  • Macro
  • DAS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Fiber
AMP‘s highly skilled team of professionals gets the job done effectively and within budget. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience enables us to design and support deployment activities for Macro, Small Cell, DAS, Fiber and Wi-Fi projects. Management skills include:
  • Planning and assessing scope of work
  • Accurate and on-time estimates, bids and inspections
  • Organizing logistics and planning to provide on-time delivery of materials
  • Ongoing project management
  • Adherence to all safety and OSHA30 standards.
AMP partners with our clients from the inception of your project providing an architecture for success. Our team works with our clients. through the design and development of telecommunication infrastructure solutions that address current as well as anticipated needs.
  • Real Estate
    • Site Acquisition, Leasing, Zoning, and Permitting
    • Architecture and Design (A&E)
    • Site Surveys
    • File Audits
  • Project & Construction Management
  • New Site Builds
Infrastructure design is arguably the most critical component of technology-enhanced development. It takes broad-ranging experience across various platforms and places emphasis on value-based practices to avoid unnecessary redesign and costly rework. Trust AMP with the process and find assurance in our long history of quality and expedient delivery across projects big and small.
Site identification and acquisition of rights for placement of technology-based infrastructure stands at the intersection of ‘smart’. Rely on AMP’s decades of experience in facilitating rights of use for our clients spans thousands of project sites, across much of the Country. We are proficient in leasing, zoning, permitting, audits and logistics leading to a secured site for entitled use by our clients. The Company relies on its depth of experience in some of the toughest and complex landlord dynamics to drive success for its broad base of clients. Look to AMP’s expertise in:
  • Site Identification
  • SCIP Development
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Landlord Relations
  • Expertise in Ground Based, Tower, in-Building & Tower
  • Tower Application Processing
  • Engineering Planning & Logistics Coordination
  • Zoning Assessments
  • Zoning & Permitting Representation
AMP is with you every step of the way. With more than 100 professionals who are highly skilled in all aspects of construction and technical services as well as its own fleet of equipment, AMP is on the job to expedite all aspects of a project. AMP’s scope of Construction & Technical Services includes:
  • Steel & Dunnage installation
  • Civil/Concrete installation
  • Monopole erection
  • Structural Upgrades
  • Utility Coordination/Installation
  • Crane Services
  • CD5 SPRAT Services
  • Generator
  • HVAC/Plumbing
  • Small Cell installation
  • Fiber trenching
  • In-Building DAS
  • Structural upgrades/modifications
  • Tower Mapping services
  • Carrier add/expansion/augments
  • Cabinet Swaps
  • Hybrid cable installation/removal
  • Radio Head, H-Frame, wall mount
  • Interior/Shelter rack mount solutions
  • Electrical upgrades – Site Utility Service/Power Plants
  • Router Installation/Provisioning – Airscale Deployments
  • PIM, Sweep, and Fiber test gear
AMP helps protect your infrastructure with a comprehensive maintenance program. We serve a wide array of clients including wireless carriers, internet service providers, municipalities, and host providers. Our maintenance programs service:
  • Macros sites including tower lighting systems, safety climbs, structural modifications, antenna and lines, and RF equipment.
  • Small cell and DAS sites and systems
AMP has developed a broad mix of clients across the spectrum of technology applications. Our clients include Mobile Network Operators, Multi-Service Operators, c, Private Network Operators and more. We work with the biggest names in telecommunications, developing and implementing best practice solutions for advanced communications systems for high-speed and dense networks.